Thai Green Curry with Beef

Thai Green Curry with Beef

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Serves 4 people - Quick and Easy

Thai Green Curry with Beef

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Quick and Easy


35g Mae Jum Green Curry Paste - Order your Mae Jum Paste

400ml Coconut milk

300g Beef (Rump Steak)

150g Carrots

250g Marrow

20g Mixed Chillies

400g Water

2-4 Basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves

Seasoning (to taste)

2 tbsp Fish Sauce (or soy sauce for a lighter taste or to avoid fish allergies)

1 tbsp Palm Sugar (light brown sugar or coconut sugar)

1 tsp Shrimp Paste


1. Thinly slice the beef

2. Thinly slice the mixed chillies

3. Cut the marrow in cub size chunks

4. Slice the carrots

Cooking Instructions

1. Add half the coconut milk to a large saucepan and bring to a light boil.

2. Add the Green Curry Paste, then on a moderate heat, bring back to the boil and continue to blend paste until sauce is smooth.

TIP: Simmer longer to allow the coconut oil to separate slightly from the coconut milk and continue to fry the paste to extract maximum flavour.

3. Add the fish sauce and palm sugar to taste.

TIP: You may wish to do this at the end, rather than at this stage. It will depend on what other ingredients you plan to add.

4. Add the beef on a medium heat and cook for 3 minutes.

5. Add the marrow and carrots into the saucepan with water and the rest of the coconut milk, and let it boil for 7-10 minutes.

TIP - bring to a simmer until vegetables are cooked to your liking.

6. Lastly, turn the heat off and then add the red chillies and leaves, mix it all together.

7. Serve hot with freshly made Thai fragrance rice.

8. Enjoy, it's delicious.

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