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Frequently asked questions

What Thai Curry is the hottest?

Jungle Curry is the hottest of all the curries. However, of the three most common (Green, Yellow and Red), the Thai Green curry is the hottest on account of the fresh green chillies that are used. Red and Yellow are usually milder, but since Southern Thai curries tend to have more heat, both these curries can also be quite spicy. Adding more coconut milk, vegitables, and meats can help reduce the heat. Remember that these curries should have a soup like consistency, so if it is too thick, either add more coconut milk, or water, otherwise it will be too hot. Yellow, Panang and Massaman are milder, but play around with the amount of paste you use to get the heat and flavour balance that suits your palate.

What vegetables can I add in my Thai Green Curry?

Keep it green!. You can put almost anything that fresh and in season. Green beans, pea or baby aubergines, brocoli, mange tout, asparagus, courgettes; you could even add baby sweet corn.

What's in Mae Jum's Green Curry Paste?

There are 5 core ingredients, green chillies, lemongrass, garlic, shallotts and galangal. We add other herbs and spices for balance, including white peppercorns, coriander seeds and root, kaffir lime rind and a touch of cumin seeds. All our curry paste include salt that acts as a perservative, however, the curry may need additional seasoning depending on what other ingredients you choose to add. What we do not include in shrimp paste. We believe that the pungent, strong aroma of shrimp paste taints the other fresh ingredients during transport and storage, so we always advise to add shrimp paste during cooking, or use fish sause as a readily available sustitute. For vegetarians and vegans, you can simply add more salt to taste, or yeast extracts as a substitute.

Which Thai curry is the sweetest?

It is the coconut milk that contributes to the sweetness of Thai curry, but some curries add a sweetener like palm sugar. Panang is the sweetest of the curries, followed by Green curry, so when adjusting the balance, add a little extra sweetener to help achieve the right balance. Remember to use good quality coconut milk, otherwise you will loose the coconut taste and sweetness, and may have to compensate with more palm sugar.

Is Massaman Curry and Panang Curry the same thing?

No, not really, but there are some similarities. Massaman has much more complex in flavour, and includes ingredients like mace (outer covering of nutmeg), cinnamon, clove and cardomon. These additionla ingredients take this dish towards Malysian and indian flavours.

Are Mae Jum's Paste suitable for Vegans?

Yes they are. We do not include shrimp paste which is a normal ingredience in Thai curries. This isn't to make it suitable, but to preserve the fresh aroma of the pastes. In doing so, it means that vegan can also enjoy the paste, but either add more sea salt, or yeast extracts as a replacement.

Is Thai food healthy for you?

On the whole, Thai food promotes the use of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. With easy access to the sea, Thai food includes fish and seafoods as a common ingredient in many dishes. With a climate that is always hot, and a good amount of rain, fresh vegitables and fruit are in natural abandance and readily available to the rich or poor. Thais tend to have a good balanced diet which is key to good health. Many of the herbs and spices used in everyday Thai cuisine are known for their therapeutic properties, for example turmeric and galangal, so including these herbs as part of a balance diet will help reap their rewards. However, a word of warning. Thai food can be sweet and salty, so with lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary, we should cut back on sugars, also in colder countries, the need for salt is much less, so care should be taken on additional seasoning with palm sugar, salt or fish sause.

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