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Thai Herbs & Spices

Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices


Thai cuisine uses natural ingredients for recipes that have been passed down through generations,  from a time where the herbal benefits were the principal consideration in a healthy diet.  


Below are some of the different ingredients you will find in our herb and spice products. 

Red Chillies

Kaffir Lime


With an amazing aroma, the Kaffir Lime is native to Thailand is both the fruit and the leaves are used extensively in Thai recipes. Kaffir Lime leaves are used whole as a flavouring in broths while the rind is used in paste blends. The pith and juice are used in salads or dips.

Red & Green Chillies



Thai chilli peppers are synonymous to Thai cuisine, blended fresh, they are used across a range of recipes.


We use red, green and yellow varieties of differing spiciness to balance flavour and add a vibrant and clean heat. 




An amazing ingredient with a fragrant aroma and a flavour that is difficult to describe, but has a medicinal taste !



It is used in most of our pastes, but has many uses in marinades, salads and soups.



Another ingredient commonly associated with Thai cuisine, lemongrass has a citrus fragrance and taste as the name would suggest and is used extensively in Thai soups, salads and pastes.


It is truly a champion ingredient full of flavour.



(Root and Seeds)


This herb has a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste, the leaves are usually used raw as garnish and in salads, whereas the root and seeds are used for cooking, including our pastes. 



Although chilli peppers are thought to contribute to the heat in many dishes, pepper corns, both fresh and dry, have a significant contribution to a short lasting heat. 



A spice that has attracted recent media attention for many medicinal properties, but has been used in Thai cooking for centuries.

It needs to be combined with black pepper to increase absorption, something that was probably done before science made the connection.

We use only Mother Turmeric, the central part of the root credited with the greatest benefit.




Familiar to most, garlic is used commonly throught-out the world's cuisine, but different regions have their own varieties. 




Cinnamon, Cardomen, Nutmeg,

cloves and cumin seeds


These spices are common in Asian cooking, and add a unique flavour to some of our pastes. We do not use pre-ground powders in our pastes but blend them together with the raw herbs.

THAI HERBS AND SPICES                          Simply Thai, Simply Delicious

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