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We want our customers to enjoy the true essence of Thai Cuisine, encompassing nature, health, freshness, aroma and taste.


Possible only by using the best fresh herbs and spices, blended in a traditional way, with nothing else but a little sea salt. It puts the ingredients front and foremost, and when used in recipes, is uncompromising, real and beyond challenge.


Pure and Simply Thai.


It is so packed with flavour that one pack is all you need

for 8 servings.

"Our Thai Jungle Curry Pastes use high quality, 100% natural ingredients, fresh from local farmers, blended to an age-old recipe that respects traditional proportions, for health, vitality, aroma and taste." 



Jungle curry, or "forest curry" is a curry that originated in the northern forested areas. Since coconuts are not normally found in the inland jungles areas, this curry usually excludes coconut milk completely, although it is possible to add it for a milder flavour. 


The curry is very spicy, and hot, and can be either watery with plenty of vegetables and chicken, or thicker with slowly stewed pork ribs, a family favourite. 

THAI HERBS AND SPICES                          Simply Thai, Simply Delicious

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