Chicken           Seafood           Tofu

Pork                 Fish                  Mushrooms

Beef                  Duck                

Vegetables       Prawn   









Yellow        Panang      

Red             Massaman

Green         Jungle

Thai Home Cook Recipes

"Enjoy the recipes we love, bringing the variety of natural herb and spice ingredient combined into a wonderfully aromatic paste, adding amazing flavour and heat in a way only Thai Cuisine can."


Our Thai Curry Pastes are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so not only will we bring you traditional recipes using chicken, prawns, pork, beef, seafood and fish, but vegetarian alternatives using Tofo and vegetables. 

All our Thai Curry Pastes are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. While most other Thai paste includes fish paste, we believe that this ingredient should be added at the time of cooking, and not combined with the fresh herbs for convenience. So for those that like the taste of fish paste, it can be added, or fish sauce an alternative. For those with an allergy to fish, then adding yeast extract or soya sauce will also work.


Always taste your dish as your go, and season to taste. For a milder taste add less paste, but for the full flavour follow the instructions on the pack. 


You can order your paste here .

THAI HERBS AND SPICES                          Simply Thai, Simply Delicious

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